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Settings > Culture Interface Path


Path/glob pattern to interface defining typed i18n keys

  • Type: string
  • Key (in settings.json): kazoo.cultureInterfacePath


Uses glob pattern matching to find the first matching file to be used for defining keys.

For example, given the following structure and the pattern **/interfaces/culture-resources.ts, the culture interface path would be matched as interfaces/culture-resources.ts.

├─ interfaces/
│ ├─ culture-resources.ts
├─ culture-resources.ts

If interfaces/culture-resources.ts did not exist, the deeper cultures/interfaces/culture-resources.ts file would still match.

Glob patterns can be tested online via this DigitalOcean tool.

If desired, you can also forgo the glob pattern and put the actual file path to use. cultures/interfaces/culture-resources.ts would match on this exact path, so you wouldn't have to worry about interfaces/culture-resources.ts existing in the example above.

These examples are contrived, and it is recommended to keep just one interface for defining keys.

Default Value

Defaults to **/interfaces/culture-resources.ts, which is loose enough to match a deeply nested, conventionally named interfaces folder.