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Settings > Culture File Paths


Array of paths/glob patterns to culture files

  • Type: string[]
  • Key (in settings.json): kazoo.cultureFilePaths


Uses glob pattern matching to find the matching files used for holding translated copy.

For example, given the following structure and the pattern **/cultures/*.ts, both cultures/english-united-states.ts and cultures/spanish-spain.ts would match.

├─ english-united-states.ts
├─ spanish-spain.ts

Glob patterns can be tested online via this DigitalOcean tool.

If you wanted to specify culture files individually by their paths, setting the value to ["cultures/english-united-states.ts", "cultures/spanish-spain.ts"] would also work.

Default Value

Defaults to ["**/cultures/*.ts"], which is loose enough to match a deeply nested, conventionally named cultures folder and any TypeScript source files in it.