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Commands > Replace translations from file


Prompts the user to select a culture file to update with values from a file.


demo gif for 'Replace translations from file' command using a json file

demo gif for 'Replace translations from file' command using an Excel file


  • Currently supported files are .xlsx and .json, and they should exist somewhere in the workspace directory.
  • Any keys that are found in the file that don't exist in the original culture file will not be added, and a warning will be displayed.
  • For json files, there should be a single object with string keys and values to be parsed, similar to the way the culture files are defined.
"accountInformation": "(Updated) Información de la cuenta",
"cancelMySubscription": "(Updated) Cancelar mi suscripción",
"checkOutFaq": "(Updated) Echa un vistazo a nuestras preguntas frecuentes"
  • For Excel files, there should be two columns, the first being the key to replace, and the second being the updated copy.
| Key                  | Value                                                     |
| -------------------- | --------------------------------------------------------- |
| accountInformation | (Updated) Información de la cuenta |
| cancelMySubscription | (Updated) Cancelar mi suscripción |
| checkOutFaq | (Updated) Echa un vistazo a nuestras preguntas frecuentes |
  • Note that the header columns are for display/formatting purposes only - the extension does not treat the first row any different than the rest of the file. It will try to replace the value for the given key, if it exists.
  • The culture files are determined by the path(s) or glob pattern(s) specified in the extension's settings.