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Commands > Remove translation from culture files


Prompts the user for a key to remove from the project's culture files.


demo gif for 'Remove translation from culture files' command


  • The list of keys is aggregated from all culture files, which means you might select a key that does not exist in the specified culture file. For example:
// english-united-states.ts
resources: {
"aboutApp": "About {{appName}}",
"addTo": "Add to {{container}}",

// spanish-spain.ts
resources: {
"aboutApp": "Acerca de {{appName}}",
  • The user would be prompted to select either aboutApp or addTo as a key to remove.
  • If the key addTo was selected along with spanish-spain.ts, no modifications would be made, since the key only exists in english-united-states.ts
  • The key will be removed from all culture files that it is found in.
  • The culture files are determined by the path(s) or glob pattern(s) specified in the extension's settings.