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Commands > Intersect untranslated keys


Generate a CSV with keys and English translations based on a culture file to send off for professional translation.


demo gif for 'Intersect untranslated keys' command


  • Only non-English culture files will be displayed in the selection prompt.
  • Untranslated or placeholder translations are keys that exist in the inline resources object during the LocalizationUtils.cultureFactory call, for example:
const ProfessionallyTranslatedSpanishSpain = {
"aboutApp": "Acerca de {{appName}}",
"acceptGroupInvitation-invitedByNameToJoin": "{{byName}} te invitó {{toJoin}}",
"acceptGroupInvitation-invitedToJoin": "Has sido invitado {{toJoin}}",

const SpanishSpain: Culture<CultureResources> = LocalizationUtils.cultureFactory<CultureResources>(
resources: {
"addTo": "Añadir a {{container}}",
"admin": "Administración",
"all": "todas",
  • The CSV file that is opened in VS Code is not initially saved anywhere. You can copy/paste this into Excel manually, or save the file and give it a name/location as usual.
  • The culture files are determined by the path(s) or glob pattern(s) specified in the extension's settings.